Remove Blinking Cursor on Button Label

In Google Chrome (Mac OSX), when i click on a standard Button widget (unmodified), a blinking text cursor will appear on the label of the button. Is there anyway to disable this behavior?


That’s weird… Do you have a sample proto or RP file you could post here? …and are you implying it only happens in Chrome on Mac OS? …and not Safari, not Chrome on Windows, etc?

Any chance the text label for the button is actually a Text Field widget?

Thanks for the reply. It happens to all buttons even if I use the built-in Button widget in the standard Library. Here’s a sample file where it occurs:

Button.rp (42.1 KB)

I am previewing the file on a Macbook and it does not happen in Safari. Only Chrome for Mac OS. Chrome for PC works fine. When I rollover the button, the cursor switches to a text cursor so the browser clearly thinks the button is a text field.

That’s looking like a bug! Send this info and your RP file to

In the meantime, this triggered a memory from a few years back when I had a proto experience that required some quick clicks and drags, and things like button label text got accidentally selected. This can happen in any Axure prototype, e.g., if you drag over your button. Placing widget(s) in a dynamic panel and assigning an action to the dp’s Dragged event should block this. It might help as a workaround in your case. …Something worth trying.

Here’s an example in this updated file. I added a Show This action (which won’t do anything, but it triggers the drag handling and prevents text from being selectable–so hopefully no cursor on Mac.)

Button.rp (47.9 KB)