Removing Repeater Row Runs Rampant

Hey all!

I’m working on a prototype with the flow of selecting multiple table rows, triggering a ‘processing’ state of those rows, and then the system automatically removing those rows.

So far, the prototype correctly demonstrates the multiple selection and changing of rows to the ‘processing’ state once you click the button.

But this is where I’m stuck.

After the selected rows switch to ‘processing’, some of them are remove…some don’t…but then even some unselected rows vanish! :open_mouth:

Here’s how the interactions are structured in the demo file:

  1. Selecting a row marks that item in the Repeater (multi-select by pressing down Alt while you click)
  2. Clicking the button updates the marked items to have a ‘Y’ in their ‘needsProc’ column. Then it unmarks all rows in the Repeater and adds a sort to the Repeater (this was done to force a ‘re-load’ of the items).
  3. Within the Repeater, OnLoad interaction - if an item has a ‘Y’ in its ‘needsProc’ column, the underlying Dynamic Panel changes to the Processing State and also changes the row’s icon (also a DP) to show the loader gif image. This is also where the Icon’s DP actually becomes visible.
  4. Once the Processing Icon’s DP becomes visible (onShow), it waits a couple seconds and then Removes This Repeater Row.

I split out the transitioning between steps 2 - 4 because the goal is ultimately to have each row wait a different amount of time before disappearing from the table…maybe there’s a better way to do this?? [BONUS points if you know how to use Math.Random with the ‘Wait’ action] :wink:

Anywho, the main issue is that some of the ‘processing’ rows disappear as expected, but then some remain…still in the Processing State without the Icon DP…and worse yet, other random items in the Repeater will disappear.

Hope that all makes sense. Thanks in advance to anybody who takes a look!

RowProcessAndRemoval.rp (268.3 KB)