Reorder dynamic panels with show/hide upon load

I am trying to create a dashboard, that shows a list of different dynamic panels upon load based on a set of global variables. (Some panels will be shown and some may be hidden).

The problem i’m having is that depending on which panels are shown, there are big gaps in the list. I would like so that the ones shown move up to reduce the gap where the ones that are hidden aren’t being shown. I’ve got around 8 panels to deal with, so had considered using the ‘move’ action but think there are too many combinations to handle.

Here is the working file (if you select ‘yes’ to the questions you will see the panels shown).
Test file_reorder panels.rp (256.6 KB)

Thanks very much in advance!


you can position panels on top of each other, and show them with the flag “push widgets below” – they will reorder automatically. To make panels have some space between each other you can add a transparent object object on the bottom inside panel.

Check it – Test file_reorder panels_1.rp (264.1 KB)

Hi @adverico

That’s worked perfectly thanks very much for your help!

Kind Regards

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