Repeat window image on new page

I am brand new to this and here is what I am looking for I have a window that configures various combinations of images. When the user presses the save button and the next page opens I want it to have a window containing the design that was completed on the previous page.??
pervious page

next page

FIrst the image of the design combinations that you create on the previous page (page A), you need to have all those same combinations on the next page (Page B).

Page A

Likely has either a click to show (easy) or drag and drop (advanced) functionality.
In 1-2 global variables, you need to record values for the selected combination.

  • If using one variable could be a 2 digit number “14”
  • If using two variables could be different text like “first top” and “second bottom”

It’s easier to use numbers for things like this.

Page B

I would use 2 overlapping dynamic panels (for top and bottom), and / or duplicate what you did on page A.
If using Dynamic Panels, each dynamic panel state would contain a different image with corresponding values.

Dynamic Panel Top
On Page Load…
If global variable1 equals “1”, Set This to “first top”
If global variable1 equals “2”, Set This to “second top”

You would do the same for the bottom.


Depending on what you need to do on Page 2 (or Page 3) with the configured dress design, you could use the basic approach that josh_db lays out but on the second page you don’t necessarily need to recreate everything. You could use an Inline Frame widget inside a dynamic panel and load Page 1 in the inline frame. You can move the inline frame around and size the dynamic panel such that a “viewport mask” is created, showing only the area of Page 1 that you need. This approach would show exactly what was created on Page 1, but you couldn’t further refine or edit that image on Page 3. It looks like you would not need to do so, but perhaps if you needed to show a different “Posture” or whatever you could then overlay a transparent PNG and/or dynamic panel to fake that.

Heck, I can demonstrate this using your screenshots above. Take a look at this .rp file and see if it makes sense to you…
dress-iframe.rp (430.5 KB)

The “dress image area” on Page 4 is specified with a hotspot (same dimensions as your selected area on Page 3.) On Page 3 I created a dynamic panel (dp) of the same dimensions and unchecked “Fit to Content” so it’s size won’t change or match its content. In that dp (named “frame mask”) I placed an inline frame widget and set its target to Page 4. I also placed a box widget over it and sized to same dimensions as dp, then set the fill to empty. This provides a border around the “content area” and also blocks any interaction with the inline frame so the page (page 4) can’t be scrolled or interacted. I then offset the inline frame by the location of the “image area” hotspot on Page 4, so the location of the inline frame is now (-440, -212). This means that that image area will now be in the upper-left of the “frame mask” dynamic panel, with the result of showing only the dress image area.