Repeater Accordion

Hello There,

I have created a repeater accordion where I have up and down arrows to show the open and close status. In the attached example I have 2 rows where there are sub options, and in the third row there is no sub options. My query here is to remove the arrow from the third one. Need help here on how to remove the arrow if there are no sub options.

repeater-accordion.rp (95.9 KB)

Thanks in advance for the help.


Keep the arrow hidden by default.

Check : if this item has suboptions
Then : Show arrow

You are done!

Yes I know the logic, but how to check the logic? How we can achieve it?

A simple way is to make a column to indicate sub-options.
0 where no suboptions, 1 where the row has suboptions

Evaluate this condition onItemLoad and show the arrow wherever 1. This should do it.

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