Repeater and group selection question

Hey hive mind,

I have a question regarding interacting with a set of elements within a repeater:

Let’s say in the repeater there is data grouped by chapters.
Applying filters to the repeater to filter out single chapters is fairly easy.
Now I also added checkboxes to each repeater row and I’d like to select them by chapter.
I can access the “global” element from a repeater to set all but since the interaction is “outside” the repeater I cannot create a case statement using “[[Item.chapter == 1]]”.

I attached an .rp file so illustrate the question. The filters work, but the first selection checkbox only selects all elements.

Any creative ideas on how to interact with subsets of elements?

repeater_selection.rp (58.2 KB)

Hey, Lennart. If I understand what you’re after, the approach I generally take is to trigger each repeater item to decide whether to change itself:

  • Add a trigger in the repeater that can look at the value in whatever fields and carry out the action.
  • When the checkbox outside the repeater is selected, fire the triggering event.

The attached isn’t robust but I built a proof of concept. Is this what you’re after? Or was there more to it?

repeater_selection.rp (58.5 KB)


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Hey Jeff,
yes, this is exactly what I was looking for.
Of course, move a widget to the inside of the repeater facepalm.

I simplified the code a bit more, maybe it’s helpful for the next guy.

  • The checkbox now triggers the event on the widget when selected or unselected
  • The widget now has a single case for each chapter

Thanks again!

repeater_selection_v2.rp (61.2 KB)

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