Repeater as a dataset for another repeater



I have been searching for quite a while now and have not been able to find my answer. It seems simple enough.

I have a repeater with several images + text. The entries in the repeater will have some repetition, and rather than loading this images into that repeater (they are separate from the CSV file with my “text” data), I would like to have a “database” with all the images, then have a “function” that can retrieve the image that I need based on the name of the part (name of part will be same as the image file “name_of_part”.png.

I tried using a filter on my source repeater to only have 1 row showing. There doesn’t appear to be a way to specify which row you would like to update using a variable (the Row field seems to be only hardcoded values which I find strange.

Anyone able to help me out or point me to a solution.



I can’t share file as it has some data in it that I cannot share.

I have a repeater with a number of columns. Lets say one element is an image.
I copy the name associated with this image into a global variable.

I have another repeater that has all the images (but only one of each).

What I am trying is to create a box inside the second repeater. This box has a “move” interaction attached to it. I filter the 2nd repeater based on the name (as there should only be 1 row that is associated with that name). I should have 1 row after filtering as names are unique.

I then try to update rows in my main repeater. Any row in my main repeater that matches the name (Rule) shall be updated with the value of the image column in my 2nd repeater.

When I run it, it pretty hangs on the update row command.
If I remove this action, I get traces of everything else when I do a move(0,0) to activate (use a button for debugging), but was hoping to invoke from the Item Load set of instructions.

Here is the code for this step:

Edit Row Data
MainRepeater set targetImage to [[Item.sourceImage]] where [[targetName == ‘varName’]]