Repeater Broken on Published File


I have created an Axure Prototype. Everything works well on preview (on Apple Mac in Chrome Browser), but when I publish my file suddenly the repeater filters don’t work anymore and on IOS mobile devices the repeater cannot read date functions anymore and displays NaN.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Without seeing your .rp file it’s pretty hard to guess why filters might work with Preview and not in the published prototype HTML. Same for date and time formats. It might be a bug in your interaction code or it might be due to differences in the datetime format returned by the Mac OS and iOS.

“NaN” means “Not a Number” so it is most likely you are using a mathematical expression or function which is expecting a number but you are actually supplying text. The way Axure treats text and numbers is a little odd. For example, the value, “9” is technically a text value but Axure allows mathematical expressions to evaluate it as a number --e…g, [[9 + 1]] evaluates to “10”. Sometimes you need to force “numbers as text” to be numeric by using an expression that is guaranteed to be numeric, such as

[[ (9 * 1) ]] or
[[ (9 + 0) ]]