Repeater cell to call Global Variable value

Hi there,

I’m trying to build a library widget that contains form elements in a repeater to be easily be modified by adding extra rows and changing repeater data. So I can declare an error message or label or input value by changing repeater data.

Also, in many cases there are Global Variables, like UserName, UserAddress…etc. which are used to store Global Variable values set from previous screens.

What I’m trying do to declare Global Variables to some repeater cells with editing only the repeater itself by defining the Global Variable name instead of customizing repeater’s “On” Interactions & Cases.

As it’s not possible to add [[GlobalVariableName]] like data to repeater cells ([ and ] characters are forbidden), is there any other way to set a repeater cell to use a Global Variable?

Not 100% sure I follow but sounds like you could add an OnLoad case to the repeater that Adds Rows to the repeater using the variable values.

thanks for the fast reply.

Yes, it seems the OnLoad -> Add repeater row event will be the solution to add Global Variables as a cell value.

The only inconvenience that you will see the Repeater’s output in preview mode, but in editing mode - what is a pity :frowning:

My concept was to add Global Variables in the repeater data itself to view in edit mode as well, but I understand that why it’s complicated in Axure to show the variable values (or it’s placeholder) in edit mode.