Repeater cell with expandable text containers


I want to display guest reviews inside a repeater. Each review is one repeater row and the text length varies. I have a show more link to expand the text, ideally I want it to be close to the last sentence or hide it at all if text length is less than =< 160 characters.

You can see the problem inside the file. The Show more link need to adjust to the text length. How can I achieve it? Every help is appreciated :slight_smile:

repeater_text_size.rp (85.5 KB)


Use two columns of data in your repeater - one for summary text (of review - this should be the character count for the “minimal” size) then a column for the full review text. Place inside of a dynamic panel that is fit to content. Then on click of the show link, replace the text with the full review text column in your repeater. That should work. There are probably other ways to do it, but this seems easiest to me.

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THank you for your help. That’s what I’m actually doing, but I don’t get the “show link” to move with the textsize.


I tried to move the text out of the shown dynamic panel and to create a DP only for the text link to get it pushed below by…that didn’t work as well.

I have no more ideas.

I tried everything now and rebuilt it from scratch. It just doesn’t work. The weird thing is. If I make my text longer inside the repeater in the style tab of axure…I can see that my textbox expands. If I go into the browser it just doesn’t work.

Preview in axure

That’s how it looks like in the browser.

Any ideas? I’m clueless and tired that it’s to complicated to get some expanding text.