Repeater challenge


I’m stuck with a repeater widget and do not have any further idea how to solve my “logical” problem.
I have 7 elements in my repeater (circle-elements), every element is assigned to a row in my repeater-dataset (which works).

What I want:
to assign the status selected to one of my 7 elements (changes the color) if there is a specific Character (text) in the assigned dataset field.

What I did:
Created 7 if-rules in the interactions, quere every single element, whether there is the specific Character or not. If yes, set the status of the element to selected.

The problem:
Because this are if-rules, after the first rule is true, all other if-rules are no longer considered.

Any tipps for a solution? Would be great!

Problem solved by my own :wink: I changed all rules to “if” instead to “else if”.