Repeater Column Label Value

I have a repeater table with sorting. Outside (above) this repeater I have a some containers that are my ‘UI table headers’.

I’m trying to pass the value of the repeater table, column header, into my ‘UI table headers’. But I can’t seem to access this value. How is this done?

See image: I would like to pass the value ‘column1’ etc to container


When you say, “I would like to pass the value ‘column1’ etc to container,” what do you mean by container? I’m not sure what you are trying to do.

Hi Joseph.
By container, I mean just a text object or rectangle.

The see the values in my image (column1, column2, column3, column4) from the tabular setup of the repeater (in style panel). I want to use these to ‘set text’ on 4 text objects (these objects are the table header in my UI)


Are you trying to get the names of the columns headers in the dataset, like in the image below, and put that into the column headers?


If so, no. Unfortunately, there is not a way to get the names of the columns in a repeater.

Yes, that is what I;m trying to do. If I could access these values I could build a responsive table using repeater where the table view flips to panel view. Foiled.