Repeater Count IF == "X"


I have a repeater table and one of the columns has a droplist menu where the user can set the status e.g. ‘Attention Required’.

I would like to be able to count the number of rows (items) that have ‘Attention Required’ set and have this display above the table e.g. ‘Attention Required: 3’

This would be a foreach loop of sorts but I can’t workout how to do this in Axure or if it’s asking too much of a prototyping tool


You could filter your repeater and then count the displayed item with “itemCount”:

CountFilter.rp (52.0 KB)

PS: Hope you will be able to open the prototype with RP9, I made it with RP8 :confounded:

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Yep it opens in RP9.

This is almost what I want but I’m looking to see the values for A, B and C on page load not when filtering. So something like
A: 6
B: 3
C: 4

Ah ok,

You could sum it up onItemLoad:

(add 1 each time it’s the value you are looking for
if A => +1
if B => +1

CountFilter_V2.rp (53.1 KB)


Perfect! Thank you for the help

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