Repeater data cannot be deleted

Repeater has at least one row of data. It can’t be deleted. How can I delete it?

Repeaters have to have at least one row of data, but the values can be blank. If you are creating a repeater that you will be adding to and you want it not to appear initially, you can hide it and then show it when new rows are added.

I have the issue now. I want to transfer data between repeaters and the receiver should be empty at the start which is not possible? I can hide the repeater completely, but when adding a row I have the first empty row at the top. Is there a way around this?

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I can confirm this is a bug. having a repeater with no rows was a feature I used heavily in RP9.

This needs to be addressed. if you haven’t already, please send this in to so they can ensure it is added to the bug list. I’ll do the same.

just a note they fixed this in the beta update released today.

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