Repeater Delete and Reorder

Hi, I have a repeater and a listener. Can you please help me with deleting and reordering? Click on X should delete the listener row and the corresponding nav row, then the numbers should be reordered so that they always begin with “1”? For example, if you delete row 1, both should be deleted and the numbers should start from 1 again. Also, how to go about setting selected to the next row after the current row is deleted? For example, if you delete row 1, row 2 should be set selected. Thank you so much for your help!
repeaterDelete&Reorder.rp (52.9 KB)

Here you go

Does this do what you need?
Apologies for re-writing it from scratch - but hopefully this one is a little clearer.

Let me know if there’s any issues.


Navigator and Content.rp (62.5 KB)

Thank you @JMW! :grinning: