Repeater does not work on dynamic height and element selected

I tried to set an interaction in an repeater when a textbox in an dynamic panel is over a specific height, it should move the items below 25px down. But it does not work.
I also set an condition when there is a “1” in the specific column of the repeater table then set an item (circle) to selected. Does not work.

Don’t get it why? In both cases. Can anybody help?


test.rp (103.9 KB)

Hi Max,

Please see test_checked.rp (99.5 KB)

Note, that the solution is not universal for the different widths. I don’t use adaptive views at all and can’t think of a more universal approach. Hopefully, others will recommend a better way.

  • Changed interaction type from LOADED to ITEM LOADED
  • Removed DP and changed the condition to the length of the string instead of the height of DP. I don’t believe the height of DP would work in this case.