Repeater/dynamic panel bug

Hi there - I encountered a strange bug today which repeatedly caused Axure 9 to crash. I’m on a Mac, using the latest release of RP9.

I have a repeater with some text items, icons and other widgets in each row (it’s simulating a table with expanding rows).

It’s structured like this:

Repeater row which contains

  • A bunch of text and icon widgets for columns in the simulated table
  • A dynamic panel with two states to cover the open/closed states of the repeater
  • A dynamic panel for a picker, with three states
  • A dynamic panel for another picker, with two states

The bug I’ve discovered is that everything is fine with two dynamic panels inside the repeater. However, when I add the third dynamic panel, Axure consistently locks up (spinning beach ball on my Mac) when I exit the repeater. I would guess it is trying to render the repeater table and failing somehow.

I’ve gotten around this by using a simpler show/hide for the third item that I was going to do with a dynamic panel, but I thought I would report the bug since it seems likely users will want to use more than two dynamic panels inside repeater rows.

I can post an anonymised version of the file if you need it to replicate the bug.