Repeater fields

I’m building a prototype with a repeater that gets added to through a form. One field is for notes. It’s fine if the user only enters one line but if there’s several lines then the rows start to overlap. I have the box ticked for “Fit to content in HTML” but this doesn’t help. Is there any way to make it so that the next row gets pushed down/pulled up depending on the length of the previous?

There’s no way to have Axure do it automatically.

There are some rudimentary ways to do it, like telling the repeater that if the length of the text is larger than a certain number, resize the row or switch a dynamic panel to a state of a larger size. These will work but since characters aren’t all the same width, you might still end up with some weird rows.


This is an Axure bug that has been around forever, reported multiple times, and it’s still unfixed. Wrapped text shows up fine when the repeater loads with Fit Content to HTML is on, but any command (e.g., Update Rows) executed against the repeater will cause all rows to adjust to the authored height of the text widget.

You can report your case to, but I wouldn’t hold my breath! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. Not really what I wanted to hear when I’m trying to persuade my colleagues to go for Axure when they all want to use Figma :frowning: