Repeater Filter Feedback Message

Hi, I added a “This list is empty” message to a filtered list when no results. The message should disappear when there are results. Please see attached file. Try “Dress”, and the first time, the message does not show, but I am expecting it to show. Try “Girls” and “Summer”, the message is showing as expected. Try “Casual” and the message is not clearing. Can you please let me know what I am doing wrong? Thanks!repeaterFilterCounterWithFeedback.rp (72.6 KB)

Hi @J.o.sf,

repeaterFilterCounterWithFeedback_edited.rp (65.6 KB)

Only the actions to display or not the message should be checked by a condition (if not 0 => hide, else show)
All the other thing should be done every time (if true => filter, count, …)

Previously it didn’t work because you were checking the condition (if not 0) before filtering, so the condition triggered with the precious value of the counter, not the one you wanted

In the try “Girls” then “Summer”
Click on “Girls” : doesn’t trigger because the current value is 2
Then “Summer” : it triggers because the actions on “Girls” had set the counter to 0. But you are not evaluating here if Summer count = 0, but if the previous one was.

Hope it will help,

Hi @Pierre.J Thank you! That explained it! You are great!!

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