Repeater highlighting row & set panel state

Hi there!

I am halfway done with my solution, but the other half is really driving me insane :slight_smile:

So: I have a repeater working as a menu. With a click on a menu item, I want to have two things:

  1. Hightlight this row, de-select any other row that was selected / highlighted before.
  2. By clicking row 1, the dynamic panel next to it should show details to product 1. When clicking row 2, set the panel to product 2.

Point 1 is already working but I don’t manage to achieve point 2. Most probably, it’s a silly little fix which I just don’t see.

I’ll be thankfull for any help.
Test.rp (69.3 KB)

Pretty easy, the trick is to name your panels in Product Details dynamic panel to match the text on your menu items (“Produkt 1”, “Produkt 2”, Produkt 3") and then on click of your menu item you set the panel state to the value of the text.

You had a bunch of interactions attached to the Repeater that I have removed. The actions need to be attached only to the repeater item.

Also when you click the item you only need to set selected to “true” (not “toggle”) because it is a selection group the other items in the group are automatically unselected.

The attached should be close to what you are looking for. I have assumed you might want the dynamic panel hidden until the first selection is made.

Test.rp (67.6 KB)

Ahhh, voilà, thank you very much :smile: I will have a look at your solution to understand the mechanism behind, thanks :slight_smile:

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