Repeater icon and Button update on button click

Hi all

I currently stuck at the following task:

  1. I have a repeater with text but also icons and buttons as data
  2. Outside of the repeater there is a button.
  3. On click of this button, I want to:
    • Update the information of certain cells → Solved that with the “update rows” functionality
    • Hide the icon of the corresponding row of the mentioned cell → no clue how to solve that
    • Change the state of the respective buttons of the mentioned cell → less clue than the icon problem…

Here’s a screenshot of my repeater:

I hope you can help me, as I mentioned, i know how to change the text with the “update row” functionality. But in this functionality I can only see “value” “image” or “page” and I don’t have any clue how to adress the button or the icon.

Thanks a lot


Yup. Just add some conditions to the repeater to check for certain values and hide/show the widgets accordingly: HideRepeaterWidgets.rp (60.1 KB)

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Are you storing the icons as images in the repeater? If so, don’t do that, and instead have all the icons and button states in dynamic panels and set their states using a column in the repeater. See example.rp (60.0 KB)

Then, when you update the row, you can also set the state of the icons and buttons by updating the fields that control them. I realise in your case you want to hide an icon, so just do that with a blank panel state. Note also that the name of the panel state has to be the same as the value in the repeater. I’m just using numbers but you could use text as far as I know.

BTW this technique of controlling the state of a dynamic panel with a repeater value lets you create extremely powerful repeaters and can save you loads of time.

Hey guys

Thanks a lot for your help, it works now :slight_smile:

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