Repeater Image Styles Not Getting Picked up

Hi everyone. I am using Axure (x64) Team Edition and the styles do not get applied to the images in my repeater.

Steps are:

  1. Create a style that sets the Image adjustment to Saturation = 0 (this turns the image to be gray scale). Let’s call this style “Image.BW”.
  2. Create a style that sets the Image adjustment property to Saturation = 1 (this restores the color). Let’s call this style “Image.Color”.
  3. Import Images into your repeater rows and set their style to Image.BW.
  4. Set the mouse over style for your image to be Image.Color.
  5. Save your file then preview it.
  6. Note that the image just shows in color. The Image.BW style does not get applied.

I am dreading doing the image swap, so I was hoping I could just use the image adjustment attribute.

Well, it turns out if you have things grouped as the Repeater card, you have to turn on the checkmark for “Apply Mouse Style Effects on All Widgets in Panel.”

Now it works!!

Actually, it doesn’t work. Now the images won’t show. This appears to be a bug.