Repeater Interaction does not work


I have a repeater widget and for this a filter interaction on an button outside of the repeater widget which works fine! But I also have one button in the repeater widget with the same filter interaction which does not work. Isn’t it possible to set a filter-interaction on a repeater-element? See enclosed screenshot of the interaction logic.

When add or remove a filter,the repeater will be re-rendered.

Hi @Jorkin, thanks for your answer, but what does that mean regarding my issue, that nothing happens (also no rerendering of the repeater) when clicking that button (in the image with the red text)

I mean the repeater has been reset to default style.

Hi @Jokin, thanks again for your feedback. But what do you exactly mean with “reset to default style”? How can I do this?

Can you upload your .rp file?

Hi @Jorkin, yes, please see the enclosed file

test.rp (61.7 KB)

It is easy in your .rp file.

first reorder interactions:

then bind event

file modified:

test.rp (61.9 KB)

Hi @Jorkin,

wow! And thanks a lot! I it did not occur to me to simply use a fire event here. So thanks for the learning-lesson :wink: