Repeater - issue with a background on dynamic text

I have an issue with a dynamically populated text (in the Repeater). It looks like a BUG to me.
I get different results in App view compare to the Browser.
(using RP9 Team Edition on Windows 10 / latest Chome browser…)

  • The text background is cut (when using a “simple text BG”).
  • I also tried to use a Dynamic panel and set the background there, however, it also has an issue where it does not respect the padding-right and corner-radius :frowning:

repater - dynamic text background issue.rp (81.7 KB)

@Karel I can assure you this is NOT a bug

Simple Text BG:
I noticed you’ve applied the “fit to text width” to the box, but please kindly note that this only works while page_loaded, so the box size is already fixed when loading the dynamic repeater

it has nothing to do with the box, you are seeing kinda of auto resizing because of the DP’s color, not the box’s color. And because you’ve enabled “fit to content”, hence it looks like the box is auto-resizing
I have changed the DP’s color to be red, so now you see the box size is still the same thank for your comment.
But as a user, I see a different result in the App and in the Preview - (?!?) so I consider this to be a bug…
What is the reason for "this only works while page_loaded" ? (I personally see no logic)

@Karel I don’t consider it as a bug because I think it should a feature :slight_smile:

The ones you see from app & website have different graphic rendering mechanism in achieving the same appearance for both static & dynamic widgets, but dynamic apparently is more difficult to handle.

so from a webpage perspective, keeping “fit to text width” means attaching an event to a component at all times, which is a relatively heavy UI behavior, especially the webpage can have tons of dynamic components. I guess that’s why Axure doesn’t support it at the moment

but sending a feature request to is always a good choice :slight_smile:

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Hi both!

That’s correct, Axure RP widget’s don’t dynamically autofit to text size in the browser. We received Karel’s email and have filed feedback with the product team with regard to both wanting dynamic autofit as well as a note that the difference between the canvas preview and browser is misleading. In the meantime, other users have had some success with using the Set Size action to simulate autofitting by setting widget width to the length of the string times the approximate average width of characters in the string, and adding padding if needed. Set Size to resize repeater widgets.rp (46.4 KB)

For me this solution does not work as desired. (the width is very inaccurate)

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