Repeater item location (x and y)

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I need to move a box widget to a clicked repeater item on drag start.
Item.x, Target.x (with marked row) doesn’t work.
Is here any solution to get x and y of repeater item (tile view)?

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There is a way, but it’s a little complicated.

Widgets inside a repeater have a position relative to the parent repeater, so a square placed in the top, left corner of a repeater will always have a position of 0,0, regardless of where the repeater is placed on the actual web page. It also doesn’t matter how many rows there are. Even in a list with 100 items, the widget in the last row’s position will still be 0,0.

You’ll have to calculate the item’s position relative to the position of the repeater. Example: Repeater_Cell_Position.rp (79.0 KB)

The same is true for dynamic panels as well. So if you have a repeater inside a dynamic panel, the problem will be compounded.

Thank you for help! :smile:

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