Repeater Items not previewing

Hi, I’m trying to set up a repeater widget with some real-world example content. Looks great when I hit “Preview” but I am not seeing the content (from my data set) appear in-situ in Axure itself. Do you know what I might be doing wrong here? There are about 16 columns, and 4 rows of data. (basically it’s a list of available flights, data is: outbound time, airport, date, and the same for return). Thanks

If you post your .rp file then it might be possible to determine what is going on. In general, any result from setting text and images, hiding/showing, setting dynamic panel states in the Item Loaded event are shown in the editor. Any size or move changes to widgets or the row itself is not shown in the editor for some reason. I would say if you are getting what you expect in the browser then you are not doing anything wrong.

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