Repeater layout blows up when setting states OnItemLoad

With this:

I get this:

When I try to set the state of the “badge” based on a value in the data, like so…

This happens:

The panel is set correctly, but the image blows up.

The repeater itself consists of a dynamic panel with 2 states that are the same size (flips between states on click).

The image that is losing it is the exact size of the widget I’m displaying it in.

I see the same thing happen when I try to Show content, too.

Oh Axure Wizards, any ideas? Time is of the essence!

Found the “culprit.” (I think it’s a bug.) I had a dropshadow on the image. Remove dropshadow from image, add rectangle widget (same size, behind image) with drop shadow and everything is fine.

Apparantly, in a repeater, if you’re loading images and the image happens to be in a dynamic panel that isn’t set to “fit to content” and the image has a dropshadow defined, onItemLoad the image takes the size of the image widget PLUS its dropshadow. (If the DP is set to “fit to size” this doesn’t happen…but you won’t see the shadow).

Hi AnneR,

Hmm, I was unable to reproduce the same issue, so I think there’s a step here that I’m missing. Could you post your .rp file here so that I could take a closer look on my end? Please also lmk the build of Axure RP 8 you’re running (e.g. 3379), as well as the browser you’re using to preview. Thanks!