Repeater makes a gap between rows

Hi everyone,

I’m having a long-lasting issue with showing/hiding components in a repeater using parameters (e.g. If value of Item.Column0 equals “2” show button “button”).


Sometimes when I want to show/hide certain element based on some parameter (usually text) repeater makes an extra gap between rows for no reason. This can be only seen in browser.


What causes this? How can i solve this?

As an example I attach an RP-file with demo.
repeater_extra_gap.rp (60.9 KB)


Looks like you found a bug that has to do with using a table control in a repeater and showing something in the row - nothing you are doing should cause this to happen.

Select the whole table control, right-click it, and choose Convert to Dynamic Panel. This will stop this behavior from happening.

Hi guys,

Yep, this is a bug. It looks like showing a hidden widget in a table cell that’s inside a repeater adds gap between rows, and I’ve filed this with our QA team. Thanks for catching this!

Still not fixed? I’m getting some gaps when showing an element that is inside the repeater.

Hi shonencmyk,

I’m happy to report that a fix is currently in the works for this issue. In the meantime, you’ll want to either use josephxbrick’s suggestion of encompassing the table into dynamic panel, or un-checking the “Fit to Content in HTML” option for the repeater.

This bug still appears to manifest, even when Fit to Content in HTML is unchecked.