Repeater multi select on drag


I’ve been trying to get this to work but I can’t get it figured out.
What I want is to drag over repeater items and make the hovered items change a dynamic panel inside.

So drag repeater item and hover others set panel state ‘selected’.
Repeater items are moved so its not the default list.
example with checkboxes:jQuery dragcheck plugin demo

I’ve seen the awesome responses on this forum and I hope I can have a little bit of that support:bow:

I hope this description was clear enough and thanks in advance.


I think this is what you’re asking for?

But I would warn you that dragging across a list to select (or in the case of this .rp example, toggle) rows in that list is not a standard design pattern. People won’t expect it to work that way, and explaining that it works that way might be easily misunderstood as well. Unless this is for serious power users, I’d recommend against this kind of interaction.
drag select repeater.rp (58.1 KB)


Thx Colin :).
It will be a extra use case/bonus feature to speed things up.

Thank you for this file.

A use case I’m thinking of is selecting days in a calendar… for leave request for example.