Repeater not aligning if text widget is in "expand as needed mode"



I was going to ask why this was happening, but I figured it out, so I thought I’d report it as a bug.

The alignment gets thrown off when the text widget in a repeater is set to “expand as needed” instead of a fixed width and the data table has data longer than used in the template.

It works when I change it to a fixed width longer than the longest data element. See attachment.


Thanks for report. Interesting, it looks like this is just the way the browsers handle right aligning text. They right align text till its width is too large and then it switches to left align (center align behaves the same way). I think that is a little silly, but they all do it that way. Unfortunately, that means the fix would probably be to make Axure behave the same way.

We will keep looking into a better solution for this. If anybody can get the browsers to behave “correctly” let me know, I think that would be the much more desirable solution.

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