Repeater not recognizing text

Hello - i created a simple filter:
[[Item.Location == ‘b’]] - there is a “b” in the Location column
when clicking the link to trigger the filter i get no results

If i change the information to “1” and the filter to
[[Item.Location == 1]]
i get the expected result

any guidance on this?TestFilter.rp (48.1 KB)

Hi jbzolla3!

It looks like our support team received your email regarding this issue, and have since sent a response.

For reference, it looks like this issue was due to a known issue where smart quotes were blocking repeater filters from parsing text correctly. This issue has been resolved in build, which you can update to by navigating to “Help > Check for Updates” in Axure RP 9.

Hopefully that helps! :slight_smile:

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