Repeater 'or' is returning all the results. Overall seems really buggy

I am on a mac. I updated my keyboard settings for quote handling because I thought perhaps this might be the issue.

Preference > Keyboard > Text > Unticked “use smart quotes and dashes”

When the element loads I apply a level filter of 1 [[Item.Level == ‘1’]] which works.

Where the user clicks on a level one group element I do the following …

[[Item.Level == ‘1’ || Item.Level == ‘2’]] with delete all other filters and it shows all 3 levels instead of just level 1 & 2.

I tried shifting this filter to on KeyUp found by searching the forums but when I apply this on KeyUp it does absolutely nothing for me.

I also tried to delete all filters before applying the filter but nothing seems to work.

Please help. Can we get this working like it does in 8?

Thank you


There’s nothing about what you have there that is wild it any reason why it shouldn’t work, so it’s possible there’s something else going. Can you recreate the problem as simply as possible in a fresh file and share it?


If the problem was with the quotes you’d be able to see the slant AND no rows would show at all. I’ve worked quite a bit with filters in Axure 9 and I’ve yet to see a difference from 8.

Try putting an AND (&&) instead of an OR (||) in the same filter expression if only to verify that no rows show, as it’s impossible for a given row to have both 1 and 2 as its Level value. If you do this and all 3 levels still show, the problem is that the filter isn’t being applied for whatever reason.