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Hey all,
after reading a few posts about using a repeater coupled with hide/show functionality to move items below a repeater widget, I put together this example. Hitting the button adds a row to the repeater, which should push the “content title” below the repeater down. My question is, what is determining the amount that the item is being pushed down. It is disproportionate to the amount that the repeater has grown…

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Instead of putting the hide and show actions directly on the repeater, try wrapping the repeater in a dynamic panel and hiding/showing that to achieve your push/pull functionality. If you add the “hide” before your “Add Rows” case and put the “show” action after the row is added, then this will allow the panel to resize around the repeater as the rows get added and it will push the other widgets below just enough to accommodate the new row. This will also help to avoid the issue you were seeing where the repeater was going into an OnItemLoad loop from hiding/showing itself, which seems to be what was causing the gaps to be larger than the one row.

Hopefully this helps!
Test Edit.rp (65.4 KB)


That’s some sneaky Voodoo and I love it. :wink:


What about if you want to use the repeater as an Accordion, collapsible Panel or Tree?
I modified your file: Test Edit.rp (59.3 KB), to better illustrate. Here in this case it doesn’t work. @Alyssa_Axure

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