Repeater recognizes one updated row change but not the other in Date Range Selector. HELP

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I am really lost. I am trying to create a date range selector using a repeater. Slowly but surely, I’m getting the hang of it. Overall, I’ve enacted different states of the repeater cells and I’m using the repeater overall as an overarching switchboard if you will while the cells have microconditions and functions. Anyway, my logic can successfully call my startdate cell (e.g. color coded etc). However, I can figure out what is going on with my EndDate Cell. The logic works in that it chooses a date after the start date and it passes it to the EndDate text field. Further, its even updating the state correctly. However, the “End” state is not calling the functionality in the repeater like it does for the “Start” state and I have no idea why it is. I’ve posted it. Its page 2. Any help and insight would be much appreciated. I could just copy but I really want to learn. MyCalendar.rp (176.2 KB)


For those following this topic, mugrad25 has since reached out to our support team regarding this project via, and we’ve been able to work out some required interactions for this design!

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Yes thank you so much for your help Chelsea!

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