Repeater: show rows 6 - 12

Hello all
Having difficulty finding info on something im sure is basic. I have a repeater with 24 rows and multiple columns. I would like to show rows 1 - 6, or 7 - 12, or 13 - 18 based on what a user clicks. how can i create a filter that controls the display of rows?

Item.index is your friend here. That gives you the number of the current row. So the filter…

[[Item.index > 0 && Item.index <= 5]]

…would give you the first five rows. The double ampersand is a logical AND.

Note, however, that this gives you the first five rows of “visible” data. So if you first filtered on rows that are orange, leaving your visible data set with only orange items, and then applied the filter above, you would get the first five rows that are orange, even if the first row in your unfiltered data set is green.

so this is based on what is on screen not the data set?
Thank you also for the above info

No, no. “Visible” is a weird word that Axure uses to describe rows that are not filtered out, or are not paginated on a repeater page that you are not viewing. If you are not executing another filter before you execute the filter above, I would not worry about the second comment I made.

One note on this - i mistakenly used the pagination feature to limit how many items were listed per page. this prevented items loading and was causing an issue with the script. by setting the limit onPageLoad it solved the problem

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