Repeater showing repeated in its own page



Would you mind uploading your project?

It looks like you built the entire table inside the repeater, which then of course got repeated as that’s what repeaters do.

The default repeater has three rows of data which is why it got repeated three times here. When you edit the repeater, you’re adding content for a single row that will get repeated. The data in each row of the repeater will get used for each row it renders which you can use with the OnItemLoad event.

The “Open Calls” title should not be in your repeater, as it not something that needs to be repeated. Remove it and just position it above your repeater widget. Then when you edit the repeater, add the widgets for a single row. Then using the OnItemLoad event, you can set the text of the fields using the content in the repeater data set. Look at the default repeater case to see how that happens.