Repeater - sorting with text not based upon alpha but primacy

Hi, so I’ve got some values in a repeater that range from worst, bad, fair, good, better, best. How do I sort these so it shows from worst to best please? Currently I can only see how to sort by number value or a-z.

I thought I’d worked this out, but then if/elseif happened. What’s going on here? why can’t I have an if statement, then another if statement followed by and else if? I can’t work out how to do this in the UI. I’m making the leap from axure 8 (lolz)

OK i’ve figured out that you have to right click to change it to an ‘If’…

Hmm, think I’ve found a bug… It’s previewing correctly inside axure but not in the browser. Anyone else got this problem?
temp.rp (99.5 KB)

The widget in your repeater, named “perform” has a Loaded event with “Set Text This to [[Item.perform]]” and that is overriding the Item Loaded event. You don’t want to use Loaded for widgets in a repeater.

good spot. This was a ‘fix’ from an earlier issue that I’d forgotten to remove… thanks

There’s an easy solution to this Stu - Just Let me know if you haven’t sorted it already

Cheers, Ritch

Yep, it’s sorted thanks Ritch… just getting to grips with Axure 9 :wink: