Repeater table interaction not behaving as it should




I made a table with checkbox using a repeater widget. The intent is that when less than the maximum amount of rows are selected, the header checkbox will show an intermediate check mark.

Now I am pretty sure this was working before the latest update, so I am not sure if something broke during the deployment. But basically when I click the checkbox, it is not updating the value of ‘allchecked’ in row 1 as it should. Any ideas?

multiselecttable.rp (93.2 KB)


By the way, I found a resolution to this issue.

For some reason using the edit row data Row # = 1 function, I instead used the rollowing rule:

[[TargetItem.isFirst = ‘true’]]

Seemed to resolve the issue. Not sure why the other method doesnt work still though.

Updated RP file here:

multiselecttable (1).rp (93.3 KB)


Thanks for the help! Yes this is a nice solution. I was trying to keep everything, including the header, in the repeater though which makes it a little bit more complicated. But I will definitely keep your solution in mind for a different case :slight_smile:

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