Repeater + Text Field = Counting based on user input

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I have spent a significant amount of time to find out if it is possible to put Text Field in Repeater and based on user input I would like to sum what the user wrote into all Text Fields in the Repeater. I would like to react on user input dynamically. If the user will delete the number from any of textfield, the Sum amount will be updated.

Can someone navigate me?

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See this example:
Summed Repeater.rp (65.2 KB)

The Home page wlll concatenate text fields in a repeater. Page 1 will sum numerical text fields in a repeater, and the sum will update dynamically.

This approach uses the method of a “hidden function” in the repeater widget, using its OnMove event. When you trigger an event for a widget in a repeater, then it will get triggered for every row in the repeater, successively, from first to last. This can be used for summing, concatenating, etc. of all rows in the repeater.

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Nice, thank you so much for the help :slight_smile: