Repeater Widget Loading Twice on the Page

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but on some of my pages the Repeater widget loads twice on the page. One in the correct position where it’s placed in the RP file, and another that is offset no more than 50px.

If the widget is removed from the page, the incorrectly placed widget still appears on the page.
It does not seem to happen with every Repeater on every page.
It seems to only happen if you place a Dynamic Panel in a Repeater.

Hey Josh,

That’s odd. Can you make sure that you’re on build 3155 or later and then post an RP file that demonstrates the issue? If you don’t want to share the file here, send it to support at axure dot com and we’ll have a look. Thanks!

I’m on build 3155.

Please find the attached RP file. example_r01.rp (156 KB)

You’ll also notice that there are a couple masters that have nothing in them. These masters I tried to delete, however even though they were removed from the pages, they still indicate with a prompt that they are nested within one of the two pages.

I had the same master deleting based problem.

Add a widget to the masters and you’ll be able to see which pages they’re on. Then you can remove these instances to enable you to delete the masters.

Hi Josh,

Huh, it looks like Repeaters in Masters that are unplaced in an Adaptive View will still show in that Adaptive View. Your page contains an unplaced Master that contains a second copy of the Repeater, which is why you see two Repeaters when you load the page in the browser. That’s definitely not right, so I’ll make sure we get on fixing that one ASAP.

Your problem should be fixed by the steps in the next paragraph, but anyone else watching can ensure that Repeaters are properly unplaced from a View by unplacing them in the requisite view in the parent Master.

As for the tenacious Masters: it looks like several of the Masters are unplaced in all Adaptive Views–but not deleted–on several pages. To delete the Masters, you’ll need to first completely remove them from your pages. To do this, find instances of those Masters listed in red in the Widget Manager, make sure that you really want them completely gone from the page, and then hit cmd-delete or click the “Delete” button. Once you’ve nixed those from all pages, you should be good to go.

Thanks for catching the bug! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi Ben,
Your solution was half right. There was just a step missing. I did figure out a way to fix the issue based on what you’ve said about the widgets being unplaced in all views.

After deleting the widget (master) from all pages and parent masters (i.e. a master within a master):

If you right click on widget (master) in the Masters panel (that you have placed on the page) and select “Remove from Pages”, this will completely remove the widget and any unplaced widgets.

I did not test whether or not this issue resides in Libraries as well (as opposed to masters).

I believe I know how these “unplaced” widgets came to be. Earlier in the RP file I had 4 states:

Base > Desktop > Tablet > Phone

I was working with Base and Desktop to see if there was anything to be potentially gained from having an empty base. The thing I liked about this was that in all my Desktop view I could define margins where in the Base you cannot. eventually I copied all widgets from Desktop to Base and deleted the Desktop state. I’m not sure why this didn’t effect all masters and widgets but in their lies what your team can figure out.

Thanks for your help.