Repeater with 'or' filter

I have a repeater with 50 items. One column is the category for the item and there are 7 categories in total. For example, two of these are “Plants” and “Animals”. I’m adding checkboxes so that I can apply filters. But if I check 2 boxes then everything disappears. That makes sense as it must filter plants first and then from that look for animals within what’s left. What I want is to show rows that fulfil either criteria so plants OR animals, not plants AND animals.

I can think if a very long winded way of doing it with variables but it’s a lot of permutations.

Is there a way to do this easily?

You’ll need to use just one filter for this, because when more than one filter is used they are AND-ed together.

Here’s an example that’s pretty much identical to yours. You’ll want the single-facet example, unless you want to add other filter types.

If you don’t want any rows to show when all checkboxes are unchecked, just eliminate the first expression in the filter.

There’s a link in there for downloading the file.


Nice one. Just found the rp file (I think). I’ll need to work out how that hangs together. Thank you for that!

That works perfectly! Took me a bit of time to get my simple head round the filter statement with all the ands and ors but I’ve got it working with 7 categories. I’m using a DP to set the state of some hidden checkboxes to give it a bit of styling but the principle is the same.

Thank you for that!

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