Repeater with page reference, on-screen button selection

Hi all

So, I can get a repeater to navigate to other pages without a problem using a mouse. However, I need to do it with an on-screen button (see sample file attached). The idea is someone scrolls up/down the list with the buttons and when they press OK, whatever row is highlighted, it will navigate to the selected page.

Can’t seem to figure out how to get the OK button to associate with the selected row.
Any advice??
Thanks in advance

little-repeater-linked.rp (82.8 KB)

A common trick here is to force an event on the repeater when you click to OK button outside of the repeater.

For example, if OnClick of the OK button you move the shape inside the repeater by (0,0), that shape’s OnMove handler will be evaluated for each row of the datatset.

1: In the OK button, use the Move command to move the shape in the repeater by (0,0)

2: Add the follwing handler to the shape in the repeater.

If value of selected equals [[Item.index]]
Open [[Item.Column1]] in Current Window

Thanks, let me give this a try. I appreciate the tip

i played a little around… keynav working button working, limitation up and down working.
little-repeater-linked.rp (85.2 KB)

Awesome, thank you! It works just as I intended. I see the changes you’ve done with the cases which now make more sense to me. This will be extremely useful in my prototype. I really appreciate all the fantastic assistance.


Could you please put this repeater inside a dynamic panel? Please help! My list has 102 itmes, I could really use something like this instead of DP.