Repeater with Styled Header Row

Hiya, hoping this is maybe something simple.

I want to have a differently styled Header row for my repeater but I’m not sure how to do it.

Ideally I’d be able to group the Header ‘cell’ and the content cell together so that when I inevitably have to move them around and resize them, they’ll stick together.

Any advice?

I’d say there are two basic methods for a header row with a repeater.

  1. Separate header widget/group/dynamic panel (dp)
    A. Basically copy “column content” from the repeater cell, paste outside the repeater, group together or create a dp, position above the repeater.
    B. You can select both the header group/dp and repeater and then group/dp those together so they are easier to move and keep together.
    C. If you make each core column content a master and then a set of “cell masters” for the repeater cell content that use this “core master”, and a set of “header masters” than use this same “core master” then resizing the core would resize both the cell master and header master instances.

  2. Integrated header as dp within the repeater.
    The idea here is the row content/style/version is either standard or header, and based on the row’s index a conditional case in the repeater’s Item Loaded event chooses the correct version by changing dp states.
    A. Select all the widgets in your repeater cell, right-click and choose “Create Dynamic Panel”. Name it something like “RowStyle”
    B. Duplicate State1 to State2 (and optionally name State1 something like, “Standard” and State2 as “Header”)
    C. Change the contents of State2 so things look and act as needed for the header row. I recommend naming each widget differently from those in State1 for easier targeting. (For example, if your first column is a date, then the associated widget in the “Standard” state might be named “date” and the widget in the “Header” might be named “dateHeader”)
    D. Add a conditional case to Item Loaded like,
    If Item.isFirst equals "true"
    Set Panel State of RowStyle to Header
    Set Text of dateHeader to [[Item.Date]]
    E. Same kind of thing regarding masters would apply to this method as well. But, even without special “nested masters”, resizing a widget in State1 and then manually resizing the associated “header” version in State2 should still be much easier than clicking out of the repeater, into the separate header widget, then back into the repeater.
    F. If you need to sort or filter your repeater you will need to take into account that the header row is part of your repeater and thus will be sorted and/or filtered along with the repeater. This can get tricky, and might be reason enough to use method 1 above. If you need to do this with method 2 here, you’re probably best off creating a column just to control the row style so it can be used in the sort and filter rules. …If you need help with this, make another post on this forum after you get this method 2 implemented.