Repeaters, Multi-Select and Global Variables

Well, simply put, I am trying to do the following based on the image below

  • I want to extract the 4 items that are selected (ColumnName = Team) and assign them to 4 Global Variables (gvTeam1, gvTeam2, gvTeam3, gvTeam4)
  • I want to display just these 4 selected teams in a confirmation page along with the Personal Details fields (Name, Phone, Email are already assigned and working).
  • I want to then email the results to the user utilizing the email address provided (appreciating this can be done with the POST command or simply by initiating an email in their default mail program - I’m using the latter for now - I can get the Personal Details part working no problem).

(Note: this is one repeater - there will be 5 in total operating in a similar manner, selecting 1-4 items per repeater).

I am extremely new to Axure (I’m doing this as part of my own education/training) so appreciate your patience.

Hi The4Houses,

I’ll try my best to address each type of interaction below:

  1. You can do this using a “Set Variable Value” action that sets the value of the appropriate global variable to the text on the checkbox. For example if you have a global variable named “gvTeam1”, you can create a Set Variable Value action that sets the value of that variable in the checkbox widget’s “OnSelected” event. The OnSelected event will trigger whenever that checkbox is selected, but you can also use another event to fire this action if it works better for your current setup:

  1. Once those selections have been stored into their corresponding global variables, you can display those variable values on another page using a “Set Text” action on the page’s “OnPageLoad” event, which will fire right when the page is loaded. If one of your variables was called “gvTeam1”, you would set the text of a widget to “[[gvTeam1]]” to display the value stored there on the widget. You can find the OnPageLoad event in the “Properties” tab of the “Inspector” pane with the page selected in the “Outline” pane.

  2. You should be able to do this using an “Open Link” action set to the “Link to an external url or file” option. I’d recommend checking out the following thread where Paul posts an example file of this. Even though the example was created in RP 7, this will still work in RP 8:

If you’d then like to fill the email body with the values stored in your global variables, you can add in the variable names surrounded by double brackets behind the “&body=” portion of the hyperlink (e.g. “!&body=[[gvTeam1]]”). I’ve also attached a quick example of this here:

send_email_example.rp (46.7 KB)

Hopefully this is helpful! If you’re able to post a copy of the RP file you’re working with, we’ll also be glad to take a closer look at that and offer some more specific suggestions if needed.

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