Replace decimal commas with points

I’m sorry if this has already been answered or if my problem is badly explained, I’m new to Axure and english isn’t my first language. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s my problem: I’m currently building a banking app prototype that I’ll soon be using for user testing. It’s a pretty simple project where the user will be asked to pay off his credit card, so I have a global variable representing the credit card balance and another one representing the checking account balance. When the user enters an amount to pay off in a field, it’s subtracting the entered amount to each of the 2 global variables.

This issue is that the banking app is in French, and in French we’re using the comma as a decimal separator. So when you enter an amount to pay off as any french person would normally do (e.g. 500,00), it’s messing up the substraction because the number isn’t using a point as a decimal separator. Is there any way I could automatically replace the comma entered in the field with a point? Or any other workaround for this?

Hi Sam,

Take a look at the attached. You can use the replace function to replace the comma with a decimal point instead.

commareplacegv.rp (44.4 KB)

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