Replace default "Your project is being generated"

My clients find the “Your project is being generated” page confusing as they do not know who Axure is and the ‘hanging man’ does not suit our style. Is there ay way to have a our own page to display in its place. It should at least display the name of our company. I have confused clients.

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If branding is an issue, you may want to consider setting up your own website to host your Axure projects. That way, you will get complete control over how they are presented.

Not usre how to do that … what I am concerned with is to control the temp splash page that is displayed while a project is being updated.

The splash screen would never appear if you hosted the files yourself, since you’d be uploading the html from the generated prototype. The only issue you might get is out of date html/CSS which they would need to refresh their browser to see.

I’m going to give Adam a +1 on this topic. If we were allowed to brand our own login, it would be super easy to allow us to brand our own push pages. This has also been one of the most popular questions I have to answer on a regular basis. I work for a fortune 100 company and there are always people looking at prototypes but question why they appear to be broken. The page design for Axure needs to be way more user friendly or allow us to brand these without having to go thru the extra trouble of self-hosting. At the very least, the page should have an auto-refresh so if someone tries to view a prototype and leaves it up, it will load itself without them knowing to hit refresh every few seconds.

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I am not a dev and would not know how to host pages etc.
But even if I can’t have a ‘personal page’ It would be nice to have a more informative text than the current one.
e.g. The pages you wish to access are being updated by the creator which may take a couple of minutes. Please try again shortly.
If you have questions please contact the person that provided the link.
These pages were created using Axure prototyping tool. You may contact us at

I really am not sure if the ‘man’ image just confuses things.