Replace repeater cell with global variable

I have a very basic repeater - a list of label and data pairs - in which I want to replace 1 label with the value of a global variable. It seemed that the Update Rows action suited that problem, but unfortunately, I don’t get it working. Screen capture and .rp file attached.
Anybody have an idea?

2021.01.14 Replace repeater cell with global variable.rp (47.6 KB)

Using an Update Rows action in a repeater’s Item Loaded event doesn’t make sense. First, it is not needed as technically Item Loaded is already “updating” each row. Second, and more importantly, it would create a never-ending recursive loop, because Update Rows triggers the Item Loaded event*.

If you want to refer to the current value of a global variable when assigning text in Item Loaded just do it directly in a Set Text action. Since you only want to use this for rows with a Label (column) value of “Date of loss” you can create a conditional case to test for this.

Here is an updated version of your file–see Page 2.
2021.01.14 Replace repeater cell with global variable.rp (60.3 KB)

*If you look at the Console panel (from Preview), click Start Trace, then reload the page, you can see that each of the three actions in Item Loaded are called, and for each of the three rows in your repeater. It looks like the recursion trap is automatically avoided, as these events don’t keep firing. My guess is the browser engine ignores the Update Rows call for security so the browser won’t lock up.

Thank you very much MCB. I think I have to study further on what the Item Loaded action exactly does. Your alternative looks very straightforward and elegant; thank you very much for your effort!