Replacing old CSS with new CSS

Hi Everyone,

My current product is upgrading into new look and feel…
I have created the new CSS in another axure rp file and want import the CSS to one of my existing file which has old style guide.

I want to remove all the old CSS and have this imported CSS as new and fresh.
Is there any way i can remove the old css and import a new one.

I have remove all the CSS in the Widget Style Manager, but when i saw the preview, its showing the styles.
So i have to select each widget and then select default to clear all the style. That would be a painful process.

Any other way?

Any thought on this?

Hi @rimpakarmakar,

Did you try to import the prototype with your new styles to the current one to update the widget styles?

I did it with RP9 and it seems to work :slight_smile: but I don’t know anymore if it is possible with RP8. It should be I think.

Hope it will help,

importing works… but when i removed the existing styles, all the widget retains the css… so i have to select eac widget and then clear format…which is a tedious job…

You say that you “removed the existing styles”.
But shouldn’t it better to update the current widgets styles with the new one you define in the new prototype?

Selecting the widget styles you want to “import” (so the ones which will remplace the current one) should do what you want:

Isn’t it?

Sure I will try the same…
I will