[Request] Disable Image Thumbnail Preview in Outline Panel

Axure slows to a crawl when working with a large number of images when the Outline panel is visible + expanded,.

Collapsing groups, dynamic panel states, etc. so that the image thumbnail previews are hidden greatly improves performance — however this is time consuming and excruciatingly slow to do. (multiple beach balls when collapsing nested items or scrolling through the Outline panel.)

Feature Request

  • Ability to completely disable image thumbnail previews within the outline panel
  • Ability to Expand All & Collapse All nested items within the Outline panel view.

MacOS Mojave (10.14) / Axure RP 9 Beta

Hi jamsoft,

Thanks for the report! We haven’t had any similar reports of this, so I was wondering if you could post your .rp file that is exhibiting the lag so that we could test this on our end? If the file is large or you’d prefer to keep it private, please feel free to send that over to support@axure.com.

As for your feature requests, I’ve shared those with our product management team for review. :slight_smile:

Hi Jane,

Thanks for your reply and for passing my feature requests along. Attached is a sample .rp file for your review.


SSCMP_CustomUI_HiFi_AnalyticsDashboardRedesign_r2v1_tc.rp (12.1 MB)

Hi Nate,

Thanks for the .rp file! I’ll be testing it further over the next few days and filing a report with our QA team as necessary about the lag.

Hi @jamsoft!

On the latest build of the 9 beta (3636), we were able to reproduce a slowdown when scrolling through the Outline pane of your file, but we weren’t able to reproduce the beachballing.

With that, could you let us know whether you’re still running into this issue on the latest? You can update to 3636 via “Help > Check for Updates” from the main menu of the 9 beta. If you are, could you send a video of the beachballing occurring on your machine, the .rp file, and your machine system specs over to support@axure.com? Thanks!

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