Request: Set Master Views based on conditional logic on page load

It would be a huge efficiency boost if we could set master views using the interactions panel.

Is this possible already and I’m missing it? If not, could this please get added?

That would be cool, but you can do this many ways right now:

  • Page loaded event by defining each widget’s primary state with Show/hide, Move…etc. interactions. This could be a bit complicated to manage if you have many widget to set to primary state.

  • Maybe it’s a better way to use a button outside of the canvas (so it won’t be visible) and build up the whole condition and interaction for the widgets for a “Click or Tap” event. Try to build it up modularly like one button for open or close a navbar megamenu and another to move specified object…etc. And here comes the magic: you can trigger this button to a Page Loaded event with Fire Event / Click Event or just put a Loaded event on the button with a Fire Event / Click event by itself. The other benefit of this “button event logic” that you can also fire the button whenever you need not just for Page or Widget loads and get’s more organized interaction list outside the canvas.

  • Snapshot where you can add trigger interaction to define page states (Snapshot widget -> Style -> Snapshot section -> Applied Actions). Snapshot widget has some hiccups, not all interactions runs flawlessly (like showing modals with dynamic panels) but a very good way to demonstrate page states.